I currently teach Graphic Design in the
BFA program at California College
of the Arts
in San Francisco.

Graphic Design Level III
SP 2020, FA 2020
Integration: Political Design Campaign

Semester Project:
Create a brand identity for a campaign with a series of touchpoints, for a Political Topic of your choice, using a range of medias.

Graphic Design Level III
FA 2018, SP 2019
Integration: Untapped Experiences

Semester Project:
Create a brand identity for an untapped experience or design opportunity. The project must solve a “How Might We...” problem statement.

Transition to Professional Practice
FA 2015, SP 2016, FA 2016, SP 2017, SP 2018

Designed to familiarize Graphic Design Seniors with the skills and knowledge necessary to transition into professional practice. Projects include the design of a portfolio website, personal identity, and marketing materials.